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Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary: Jacksonville's Haven for Big Cats


Situated in the heart of Jacksonville, Florida, Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary offers a unique and awe-inspiring experience, drawing both locals and tourists alike. This sanctuary is dedicated to the rescue and care of big cats, ensuring they have a safe and loving environment to call home. A visit here is not just about witnessing the majestic beauty of these creatures but also about understanding their plight and the importance of conservation.

**A Humble Beginning**

Catty Shack Ranch had modest origins. Founded by Curt LoGiudice, it started as a labor of love and dedication to providing a forever home to animals in need. Over the years, with the help of a passionate team and community support, the sanctuary has grown exponentially, becoming one of Jacksonville's must-visit attractions.

The Inhabitants

The sanctuary is home to a variety of big cats:

  • Tigers- With their striking stripes and regal demeanor, the tigers are undoubtedly the stars of the sanctuary. Many of them have been rescued from unfortunate situations and now roam freely within their spacious enclosures.

  • Lions- The sanctuary's lions, with their majestic manes and powerful presence, are a testament to the beauty of the wild.

  • Cougars, Bobcats, and Leopards** - Each of these species has its own unique charm, from the elusive nature of the cougar to the agility of the leopard.

  • Other Animals** - While big cats are the main focus, Catty Shack Ranch also provides shelter to other animals such as foxes and coatimundis, making it a diverse haven for wildlife.

Educational Tours and Night Feeding

One of the highlights of visiting the sanctuary is the guided educational tours. These tours are designed to inform visitors about each animal's backstory, the challenges faced by these species in the wild, and the importance of conservation efforts. The night feeding tours are particularly popular, offering a rare glimpse into the nocturnal behaviors of these magnificent creatures.

Conservation and Awareness 

Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary is more than just a tourist attraction. It stands as a symbol of hope and commitment to the well-being of big cats. The sanctuary is involved in numerous conservation initiatives and actively promotes awareness about the illegal pet trade, habitat destruction, and the need for stricter laws to protect these animals.


Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary is a testament to Jacksonville's dedication to wildlife conservation. It's a place where visitors can come face-to-face with some of the world's most stunning creatures while learning about the importance of protecting them. Whether you're an animal lover, a budding conservationist, or someone looking for a unique experience, Catty Shack Ranch promises an unforgettable visit.

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