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  • Why is vertical wall printing better than vinyl decals or traditional murals?
    QUALITY Avoid the common issues of vinyl and decals like peeling and bubbling. We demo a small version of your image before printing the final product to ensure perfection. Our technology adapts to varied wall surfaces, maintaining the integrity of your design on any wall type, ensuring utmost satisfaction. PRICE While traditional murals can be costly due to intensive labor and prep, our technology minimizes prep work and costs. Producing images at a Hi-Resolution of 1200 DPI, our pricing is competitive at $18-24 per sq ft, ensuring precision without extra expense. DURABILITY Eschew the fragility of vinyl and decals with our enduring images, which persist for 5+ years outdoors and 10+ indoors without additional treatments. VERSATILITY From indoor to outdoor, on doors, and more—our printing adapts to all surfaces, sizes, and images. Our UV paint resists seeping and cures in about 1 minute, making it ideal for various materials.
  • Do you only print on walls?
    Our printer specializes in vertically-oriented surfaces. However, with our innovative mounting technique, most items can be positioned vertically for printing. This includes doors, tables, canvases, metals, fabrics, and even glass. Simply ensure the item can hang vertically for printing in our workshop, and it can be reoriented as desired afterward.
  • Can you print on colored walls?
    Thanks to our advanced system which includes an additional white ink, we can effectively print over any color, ensuring vibrancy and clarity.
  • Sizes/margins?
    Our printing tower reaches heights of up to 17 feet, but for optimal stability and print quality, we typically target a maximum height of 12-14ft. Thanks to our innovative track system, we can accommodate extensive lengths, making a continuous 50-foot print a breeze! Prints might be segmented to navigate significant obstructions. Vertically, our print begins roughly 13 inches from the floor and extends to either 13 inches from the ceiling or the tower's maximum height, whichever is lower. Horizontally, when printing between two walls, we advise a 20-inch clearance from each corner to ensure safe and precise printing. In open spaces or near single corners, a mere 3-inch margin suffices.
  • What image, format, and resolution pictures are required?
    Optimal print quality is achieved with original Vector file formats such as TIFF, TIF, EPS, PSD, and PSB. Although JPGs are typically not recommended due to their lossy nature, large, digitally crafted JPG, JPEG, and PNG files can also yield successful prints. The file type is crucial for maintaining image quality and scalability.
  • How long does it take to print?
    Our process is both swift and efficient, offering same-day printing services. The time taken varies with the chosen DPI package; typically, it's between 1 to 3 hours for every 50 sq feet. As an example, we completed a 12ft by 15ft print in approximately 5 hours. In essence, we ensure rapid and proficient results!
  • How long does it take to dry?
    Contrary to vinyl printing's heavy ink use, our German-crafted UV-ink applies like a fine mist, instantly cured by potent UV lights. This ensures rapid printing with minimal waste. Our UV-ink dries almost instantly. With our 1200 DPI package, the surface might feel slightly tacky for up to an hour, but the ink remains steadfast on touch. Essentially, it's ready as soon as it's printed!
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