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Gradient Purple Blue

At Kuvink, we blend affordability with unmatched quality. Our vertical wall printing services are not only more cost-effective than traditional hand-painting but also guarantee precision and vibrancy that hand-painting simply can't match. Elevate your space with visuals that speak volumes without straining your budget, all while achieving superior, captivating results that stand the test of time.

600 DPI at $18/sqft

This option promises rich colors, sharp contrasts, and minimal horizontal banding. Ideal for logos, photographs, vector graphics, branding, and text.

1200 DPI at $24/sqft

Experience prints that dazzle with unmatched vibrancy, intricate detail, and true-to-life color. Whether you're eyeing metal, brick, wood, or any unique surface, this package is tailored for your aspirations.

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